Rainwater Harvesting: Revive Kathmandu

The city of Kathmandu is the destination and home for many people. It is facing ever-increasing demands while its resources are limited. One such valuable resource is water. As the city faces water supply scarcity through municipal pipelines, people of the city are more reliant on groundwater. Due to excessive extraction and very little focus on recharge, the level of Kathmandu’s groundwater is decreasing. This is my article on Rainwater harvesting that was published in The Himalayan Times. The article talks about the situation, challenges, and solutions to imminent danger.

This article is actually a result of a study that started during Project 2 during my Bachelor of Engineering in Nepal Engineering College. My team conducted a small study of the situation of groundwater and community-based water resource management in Kathmandu valley. We studied literature, reports and made field visits to sites with problems, and solutions.